Benefits of being bald

1 Anonymous: 19/10/17 (Thursday) 04:27:32 ID: DW8
Are there some?

2 Anonymous: 19/10/17 (Thursday) 04:27:45 ID: Uq2
It doesn’t get stuffy.

3 Anonymous: Thursday, October 10, 19:27:51 ID: jsW
There is nothing to lose anymore.

4 Anonymous: 19/10/17 (Thursday) 04:28:05 ID: dGD
Looks cool.

5 Anonymous: 19/10/17 (Thursday) 04:28:32 ID: Gur
Have less air resistance.

6 Anonymous: 19/10/17 (Thursday) 04:28:46 ID: cmv
Bath time becomes shortly.

8 Anonymous: 19/10/17 (Thursday) 04:30:04 ID: 9Dj
Cost of shampoo is less.

9 Anonymous: 19/10/17 (Thu) 04:30:37 ID: 3hM
No need for wax.

10 Anonymous: 19/10/17 (Thursday) 04:30:50 ID: CWh
Can keep hairstyle after sleeping.

11 Anonymous: 19/10/17 (Thursday) 04:31:08 ID: mv8
Since the suction cups stick together, one can carry various things.

13 Anonymous: 19/10/17 (Thursday) 04:32:13 ID: EX8
Bright, dazzling, shining

14 Anonymous: 19/10/17 (Thursday) 04:33:47 ID: Ta3
Not at all!

15 Anonymous: 19/10/17 (Thursday) 04:34:06 ID: K6a
Whole Body can be washed with body soap.

16 Anonymous: 19/10/17 (Thursday) 05:11:40 ID: Ovv
One can get laughing without doing anything.
But not popular.

17 Anonymous: 19/10/17 (Thu) 05:16:44 ID: AFh
No matter how high in social status, rich, or good in personality, excellent at sports, art, or academics,
or own a luxury car, a mansion,
the person is just characterized as bald person.

18 Anonymous: 19/10/18 (Fri) 02:28:20 ID: V0p
When meeting in the crowd, one can be found at soon.

19 Anonymous: 19/10/20 (Sun) 03:10:17 ID: QLJ
May be able to generate electricity with sunlight.

20 Anonymous: Monday, October 21, 19:33:31 ID: F0G
Hairstyle can be kept unchanged even after wearing a hat or helmet.

21 Anonymous: 19/10/21 (Monday) 02:33:57 ID: WLr
No problem even if the wind blows.

23 Anonymous: 19/10/24 (Thu) 02:24:43 ID: jGU
Noticeable even at a dark night road.
Bald is useful.


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