Pokémon Sword and Shield is a masterpiece for showing grass

1: Anonymous 2019/10/25 (Friday) 20: 09: 03.84 ID: ID: 6i7QFpdG0.net
The game screen of “Pokémon Sword and Shield” is relieved to watch. Additionally, there are also mysterious pictures that are fascinated.
Masuda: There is a strong commitment to how the screen looks. Especially, making light reflection and realistic glass was hard …
Omori: For example, the creation of grass had been discussed for about half a year until it was decided how to show.
—Half a year to make grass …!—

3: Anonymous 2019/10/25 (Friday) 20:09:44
Latest Pokemon videos

The graphics are rough.
Ordinary person doesn’t move.
Pokemon doesn’t move.
Main character’s walk and move are unnatural.
When approaching, people or Pokemon appear suddenly.
When leaving, people or Pokemon suddenly disappear.
This is a God game.

105: Anonymous 2019/10/25 (Friday) 20: 26: 19.47 ID: zuja4JkM0.net
Very cool.

5: Anonymous 2019/10/25 (Friday) 20:10:08
It’s the same as making FF15 rice balls. Why do they spend much time in useless points?

7: Anonymous 2019/10/25 (Friday) 20: 10: 54.29 ID: ID: 6i7QFpdG0.net
Still, FF15 is OK because the graphics are really good.
Meanwhile, Pokemon …

9: Anonymous 2019/10/25 (Friday) 20: 11: 27.24 ID: 1NaL / SBU0.net
They may had discussed while how to distinguish the grass with Pokemon appearance from the one without.
Can this and FF15 rice ball technology be used in the future?

10: Anonymous 2019/10/25 (Friday) 20: 11: 30.34 11ID: ID: 6i7QFpdG0.net
Honestly, only the grass is really good.

12: Anonymous 2019/10/25 (Friday) 20: 11: 47.75 ID: 3VOJOCcMr.net
I like the graphics where Gorky comes out from the ground

14: Anonymous 2019/10/25 (Friday) 20: 12: 11.91 ID: 2riMocr60.net
It seems that this grass can be made in three days.

15: Anonymous 2019/10/25 (Friday) 20: 12: 14.62 ID: yu2Rd6gG0.net
The people who played the first generation Pokemon would be married and have children.
Are such adults still playing Pokemon?

16: Anonymous 2019/10/25 (Fri) 20: 12: 56.90 ID: ID: 6i7QFpdG0.net
I think yes.
They are playing together with partner and children.

20: Anonymous 2019/10/25 (Friday) 20: 13: 53.91 ID: HFQ7 / u460.net
Children of that generation will be in favor.

17: Anonymous 2019/10/25 (Friday) 20: 13: 03.44 ID: HXM6MDzIa.net
Why there need complaining.
It has no matter if they just won’t buy.

18: Anonymous October 25, 2019 (Friday) 20: 13: 38.58 ID: ID: 6i7QFpdG0.net
But if we don’t buy, you will say “Don’t criticize without buying”. I know.

19: Anonymous 2019/10/25 (Friday) 20: 13: 45.70 ID: kRYw9WrA0.net
For us simple persons, It seems just fun to play.

26: Anonymous 2019/10/25 (Friday) 20: 14: 31.75 ID: qmj3 / 5YD0.net
I’s weird, guys here criticize the unreleased game.

38: Anonymous October 25, 2019 (Friday) 20: 16: 07.30 ID: ID: 6i7QFpdG0.net
Though, we can judge the graphics before the release.

36: Anonymous 2019/10/25 (Friday) 20: 15: 55.31 ID: rX1X + hWV0.net
They spend half a year on this, so the number of Pokemon should be decreased.

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